Earlier, @rberryyy frosting the red velvet cheesecake

Mini crepe cake with choco hazelnut filling by @yaybrainsoup

The video was taken on New Year’s Day.

Yesterday, without warning, he was gone.

Goodbye, Bunbun. We miss you already.


IFTTT Recipes


Facebook is getting silly with its attempts to show users only what it thinks they are interested in. Users should have the right to filter content, not Facebook.

So, it is with this thought in mind that I will no longer share anything “original” on Facebook — not photos and not even the occasional antsy one-liners. The original will always belong to me, on my blog, and what Facebook will get is a mere copy. It is smart SEO and it is also a protest. There is a website called IFTTT which lets me do that.

I am still figuring out how to do the same with Instagram and Pinterest.

Never mind Twitter. I’ve always hated Twitter. Continue Reading

casaveneracion.com Casting a ghoulish glow on brain hemorrhage

We tried making this drink in time for Halloween last year but our Peach Schnapps was bad and the Irish Cream did not curdle well.

We have a new bottle of Peach Schnapps, Speedy made two shots of brain hemorrhage the other night and I was so excited to take photos that I missed the fact that the lamp on my desk has a yellow light (what interior designers call “warm”). The effect was a ghoulish glow on the already very disturbing appearance of the drink.

Speedy has to make brain hemorrhage again, I’ll take photos with better lighting and post a recipe in the food blog.

While watching the live telecast of the 72nd Golden Globe Awards…

Alex: “Who’s that?”

Me: “Prince.”

Alex: “Who’s Prince?”

Me: “He’s a singer. And composer. He wrote ‘When Doves Cry’.”

Several minutes later…

Alex: “Oh, it’s John Legend…”

Me: “Who?”

Alex: “John Legend. He sang ‘All Of Me’.” Continue Reading