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Seisha Coffee

Had to register a business name at the local DTI office. There was a queue so we decided to kill time at the cafe on the ground floor of the building. Seisha Coffee is probably the oldest and most decent ...»

Don’t forget to pinch the flowers

The moment I saw the flowers, I had to take photos. And I knew I was taking photos so I could post them on my blog. But which one? And what should be the context? The most obvious choice was ...»
Yesterday was about clothes and food

Yesterday was about clothes and food

First, shopping. Vida Doria. Love her stuff. Timeless. Traffic was so bad on the way home and I was so hungry I felt a bad headache coming. We stopped and ate. A lot. At Yang Chow Teahouse. Clam and tofu ...»
On Twitter, Instagram and hashtags

On Twitter, Instagram and hashtags

I'm no fan of Twitter. I don't like Twitter for the same reason I couldn't swallow the Tumblr culture -- I don't like regurgitated content. I've always seen Twitter and Tumblr as playgrounds for people with no original ideas, incapable ...»

Writing prompts and The Daily Post

After more than 10 years of blogging, I've often been asked how I still manage to find something to write about. With a food blog, that's easy. For as long as I eat, I'll have something to write about. But ...»