On ballgowns and the history of the toilet

casaveneracion.com On ballgowns and the history of the toilet

Having been raised in a generation when Barbara Cartland was standard reading for teens and pre-teens, I spent many days and nights dreaming about ballgowns and jewelry, and Prince Charming. European-style, of course, having been influenced by Barbara Cartland. It...


Seisha Coffee


Had to register a business name at the local DTI office. There was a queue so we decided to kill time at the cafe on the ground floor of the building. Seisha Coffee is probably the oldest and most decent...


Don’t forget to pinch the flowers


The moment I saw the flowers, I had to take photos. And I knew I was taking photos so I could post them on my blog. But which one? And what should be the context? The most obvious choice was...


On Twitter, Instagram and hashtags

I’m no fan of Twitter. I don’t like Twitter for the same reason I couldn’t swallow the Tumblr culture — I don’t like regurgitated content. I’ve always seen Twitter and Tumblr as playgrounds for people with no original ideas, incapable...