In Marikina, the 2015 Gay Santacruzan

In Marikina, the 2015 Gay Santacruzan

Despite opposition from the Catholic bishops, Marikina's Gay Santacruzan pushed through last night as scheduled. We went, quite unexpectedly, as we didn't know the exact date of the event until late yesterday afternoon. Speedy was at the grocery and bumped into some friends one of whom was born and raised in Marikina. Although this friend has been a resident of Antipolo for two decades, he still keeps abreast of the goings-on in his place of birth. It was through him … [Read more...] The lumpia vendor on the steps of the UP Law Library

The lumpia vendor on the steps of the UP Law Library

I posted a recipe for meatless lumpiang togue (spring rolls with mung bean sprouts) and the memories came flooding in. When I was a law student, I probably spent more time on the library steps chatting and socializing than I did reading inside the library. That was were we'd sometimes enjoy a snack of lumpiang togue. An ambulant vendor, a woman who couldn't have been much older than we were, discovered that the library steps was the best place to do her business and … [Read more...]

Small and white, clean and bright…

I can't remember exactly who it was that told me that moths and butterflies that enter the house are spirits of dead loved ones. Even as a child, I knew it was silly but I repeated the superstition to my own children anyway. Not as something they should take to heart (and they knew that!) but something whimsical -- like subconsciously wishing that flowers are fairies that dance in the night (Fantasia) and that unicorns do exist. … [Read more...]

Efficient caching: Wordfence’s Falcon Engine or W3 Total Cache?

Confession: I used Hyper Cache for many, many years. It did make my (self-hosted) food blog's pages load faster but, unfortunately, it couldn't keep the server load down. Sad confession: So, I switched to W3 Total Cache which was recommended by most webhosts. It was also the most highly-downloaded Wordpress cache plugin. So much for popularity. I had a love-hate relationship with W3 Total Cache all that time that I had it installed. My food blog's pages loaded faster … [Read more...]

Pharma companies have been trying to turn women into Stepford wives

No other way to put it. ... We have been taught to apologize for our tears, to suppress our anger and to fear being called hysterical. The pharmaceutical industry plays on that fear, targeting women in a barrage of advertising on daytime talk shows and in magazines... ... Sales of antidepressants and antianxiety meds have been booming in the past two decades... Meanwhile, a lot of branches of the "health" and "fitness" industry with the full support and cooperation … [Read more...]

Sexual tension in “The Sound of Music”

So early in the morning, I landed on a blog I had never visited before. What caught my attention? The title. "The Secret Sex in The Sound of Music". ... it's obvious that Maria and Captain Von Trapp wanted to be non-stop boning from the moment she entered the house. That may sound crass but taken in context with the whole article, author Meghan O'Keefe does make an interesting point. But what's even more interesting is the first (and, so far, the only) comment posted … [Read more...]