Speedy walks into my office, sees my face and asks, “Ano problema?”

Me: “Ang bagal ng internet. Namamatay-matay pa.”

Speedy: “Humahangin eh.”

Huh? I look at him.

Speedy (looking surprised that didn’t get it): “Third World. Pag humangin, mabagal internet. Paga umulan, mabagal internet. Pag kumidlat, mabagal internet. Pag lumindol, mas mabagal internet.”

Oh, right, I sometimes forget.


The NCCA announces the death of Susan Calo Medina.

Her travel show was a class act. Unlike most of the pwe-pwe kind we get today.


We were at a cafe and the discussion was: “Which do you hate more — jeepneys or tricycles?”

My answer: jeepneys.

Sam, Alex and Speedy hate tricycles more. Sam and Alex say at least the bayad is fixed, unlike the tricycle…

Sam: “Sa tricycle, pag makinis legs mo, plus 30 pesos. Pag maganda suot mo, plus 30 pesos…”

Alex: “Totoo yun! Pag maputi ka, plus 20 pesos. Pag yung wallet mo, de-zipper o de-fold, plus 20 pesos… Pag velcro, libre na yun.”

My goodness, laglag sa floor yung panga ko.


Now Playing.

In my office: Ryan Cayabyab’s One Christmas.

In the family room: Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Celebration.

Halo-halong pasko!


We don’t speak Spanish in the house. So, nung nagpapasundo si Sam kagabi, nabulabog kami. She sent different messages to me, Speedy and Alex. This was what I got.



So, I was writing the morcon and sinigang na sugpo recipes, it was raining and then I heard strange noises. I checked, saw the stack of chairs in the lanai had fallen down and, through the glass door, I saw the biggest and blackest TUKO I have seen in my life.

I ran back to my office to get my camera but it had disappeared by the time I got to the door to the lanai again.

I was kinda pleased that it had gone but only for a split second. Gone WHERE?? Shit, eh kung pumasok through the windows?


3 and 1/2 hours from Antipolo to Taft Avenue. Konti na lang parang nag-Baguio na ah.


30 minutes ago…

Speedy: “Ano ulam?”

Me: “Rack of ribs…”

Speedy: “Akala ko ba bukas pa ‘yun?”

Me: “eh, di sige.”

5 minutes ago…

Speedy: “Ano ulam?”

Me: “Talong. Ito-torta ko.”

Speedy: “May giniling pa ba?”

Me: “Wala. Vegetarian tortang talong tayo.”

Speedy: “Vienna sausage na lang… o sardinas, gusto mo?”

Talaga rin naman. Wala pag-asa mag-vegetarian.