The Filipino male and his ego

On the evening of December 23, we drove my mother to her house in Caloocan and, on the way back, along Elliptical Road in Quezon City, an Isuzu DMAX swerved sharply from the lane on our right to the lane on our left. My husband hit the brakes and instinctively honked his horn, acts which apparently bruised the macho ego of the DMAX driver. As we passed him, he already had the passenger window down and he was cockily looking at us and showing us that he had a hand … [Read more...]

Perceptions and images of women

In a television commercial, an attractive young woman calls out “Darling” to the out-of-focus image of a man in the crowd. She runs to him, he picks her up, she tells him she missed him and he says the same to her. The camera focuses on his face which, in wry Filipino humor, would be described as a face only a mother could love. Next comes the message that more women suffer from eye damage than men. The young woman goes to Executive Optical (EO), gets glasses, sees her … [Read more...]

Post Independence Day thoughts

A couple of months ago, I was taking photos of the sunrise at the breakwater behind the Sampaguita Gardens Resort in Aklan when a small group of maya birds alighted on the ground. I was several feet away and I was able to photograph them using a telephoto lens. A few days ago, I was about to post the best maya bird photo in my photo Web log when I decided to do a little research to find out what its English name is. One thing led to another and I was hooked in the … [Read more...]