My husband, my marriage and the divorce bill

Before I put up that section that Sam wants, the family conversations "too hilarious not to be shared with the entire world," I want to say something about Speedy. And I want to say it now because once the section that Sam wants is up (it's mostly about her father's booboos), Speedy might not talk to me again so I better butter him up now. Suck up real hard, in fact. I'm kidding. I want to write this but not to suck up. I just want to show my appreciation. At the time … [Read more...]

Bad news come in threes

It's good to be back. I traveled through hell, you know, and made it back. Here. It started exactly a month ago. I was doing some geeky things to the food blog, did something wonderfully right and things turned out awfully wrong. "Wonderfully right" means traffic tripled. No, more than tripled. "Awfully wrong" means the traffic killed the server (I was such a cheapo that I was actually on a shared server). For three weeks, the food blog and this one were on a cycle of … [Read more...]

It’s not about whether you’re rich or poor; it’s about whether you knew you were breaking the law

For days, I've been reading and watching the news about the government's efforts to stay the execution of the three Filipinos who had been sentenced to death for smuggling heroin into China. I'm sure that the government, especially the Vice President who has been very much visible these days, is earning a lot of "pogi" points from the OFWs and their families. And not just the three convicted OFWs and their families but OFWs and their families in general. The message is … [Read more...]

About poppy seeds: a case of doing one’s homework or not

When Speedy told me the other night that someone was proposing some law to ban poppy seeds in the Philippines, I couldn't believe my ears. Really? What the heck? I thought there was already a bill and I was preparing myself to dig up a copy. As it turns out, the controversy stems from a privilege speech. SENATE Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III called on the Senate to investigate the Food and Drug Administration for allowing poppy seeds to proliferate in the … [Read more...]

Still on Angelo Reyes’ death: where’s the slug?

There. I said death, not suicide. Lots of reasons. I had to read all the new reports I could find after agreeing to do a TV interview. And, to answer a reader (on the FB page of my food blog) who's wondering if the recent spate of TV appearances means I'm giving TV a "go" again, the answer is time. I have so much time these days with the kids living away five days a week and TV guesting is an interesting way to kill time. Consider this post as my way of organizing my … [Read more...]

Failure to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt

The crime was committed in June 1991 when Estrellita, Carmela and Jennifer Vizconde were killed at their house. Suspects were arrested, confessions were signed but the case was dismissed. In 1995, on the strength of an "eyewitness" account, eight young men -- Hubert Jeffrey P. Webb, Antonio “Tony Boy” Lejano, Artemio “Dong” Ventura, Michael A. Gatchalian, Hospicio “Pyke” Fernandez, Peter Estrada, Miguel “Ging” Rodriguez, and Joey Filart (Ventura and Filart were never … [Read more...]

Strange cases of U.P. Law Dean Marvic Leonen and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

Dean Marvic Leonen was at the forefront of a call for the resignation of Supreme Court justice Mariano del Castillo for plagiarism. The Supreme Court itself absolved Del Castillo then lashed at the 37 members of the U.P. Law faculty who signed the statement calling for his resignation, demanding that they show cause as to why they shouldn't be held in contempt. For a more detailed discussion, click here and here. My support for them had nothing to do with the fact that … [Read more...]